Welcome to the world of Miplex

Miplex and its developers are new to sourceforge so we apologize for the status of this site. We hope to contibute a site with much more information in a few days.

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A short description of the features of Miplex

Miplex offers "google-save" and "human-readable" URLs so everyone is able to remember your pages.

The generated menu is very flexible to use. You are able to hide specified levels, expand the whole tree or just show the active path. In addition we provide the so called 'path' (the grey box on top of this text) which shows your current position on the site.

The possibility to easily include new extension would probably the most interesting feature for all developers and administrators. The basic distribution will already contain the following extension for use and as an example for further development:

  • News
  • Mail Form
  • Sitemap
  • Guest Book
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