Welcome to the world of Miplex

Miplex and its developers are new to sourceforge so we apologize for the status of this site. We hope to contibute a site with much more information in a few days.

.. / Help & Support

Please tell us your proposals and questions

FAQ: When will you publish the first release of Miplex ?
- As soon as possible

Since this site and the project is new we recommend you to contact us via or homepages.

Martin Grund is available on www.grundprinzip.de

Gregor Schmidt is available on www.schmidtwisser.de

Unfortunately these site are not in English but in German. If you are unable to find the contact forms on those sites just write a mail to miplex (at) grundprinzip.de or (at) schmidtwisser.de.

Last edited: 04.03.2004