Welcome to the world of Miplex

Miplex and its developers are new to sourceforge so we apologize for the status of this site. We hope to contibute a site with much more information in a few days.

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Miplex is a Content Management System for all needs

From now on you no more need a database in the back to provide dynamicly generated pages on your web site. We are able to offer a product wich is easy to use for every newbie and buisness partner.

Miplex is your best solution for small and medium sized amateur and professional website. Since Miplex is an anagram of "ximple" which just means simple web content based on xml, the philosophy of this project is already part of the name. We want an easy to use and easy to extend cms which runs an nearly every web space. The only requirement is 2MB space and php support.

To view more characteristics of Miplex follow the 'features'-link in the menu

We hope, that we can soon provide a demo page, so you're able to test MIPLEX

Last edited: 04.03.2004